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Wellness solutions that are good for you and those around you. 

We believe that true wellness and joy comes from balanced, healthy individuals. 

We know that the connection of what you eat and apply on your skin is integral to your holistic health, so we re-invented our personal care products beyond being simply effective, but pleasantly experiential to benefit you.

We unite clean, gentle, nutrient-packed ingredients and the enhancing of wellbeing into our every creation.

From Hair & Body to Home Essentials, we carefully design nutrient-packed, premium and gentle personal care products that elevate your every moment.

We care and stand by what is good

Built around our love of nature, our commitment to quality and our care towards the environment, vitaminspa ensures goodness from the get-go.


Clean, Gentle, Vitamin-infused Ingredients

Designed to be gentle, highly nourishing and effective, our formulations are infused with beneficial vitamins and a blend of plant essences, free from paraben, sulphate and silicone.


Cruelty Free & Responsibly Sourced

We believe in cruelty-free and humane manufacturing and no animal testing or human exploitation is employed in the development of our products. Our ingredients and materials are sourced responsibly, with the aim of reducing environmental impact.




We believe that sustainability begins with the positive impact we create for the world around us. Our products are thoughtfully designed with the aim of preserving our surroundings, where careful and consciously-selected packaging are used to eliminate harm to the environment, minimising overall carbon footprint.

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